HELIOGABALO- unfinished

This one is the one that dances, the Heliogabalo
a still unfinished painting. I upload it honouring all the people that came to the Samsara a psychedelic trance party that celebrated during 3 days on the beatiful San Marcos Sierra, a awesome place on the mountains of my homeplace. Im grateful to all the people who danced there and giveth all that incredible good vibes.
Este es El que baila, el Heliogabalo
una pintura todavia inconclusa.

La subo en honor al Samsara, una hermosa fiesta
de trance psicodelico que duró 3 dias, en
la bella San Marcos Sierra,Cordoba, Argentina.
Mis agradecimientos a toda esa gente que bailo
ahi con tantisisima buena vibra.